BYO Floorplans and Get an Interactive Photo & Floorplan Virtual Tour

North-Douglas-Condos-FloorplanIf you are listing a home or condo for sale and you have access to the floor plans — either via the developers’ marketing materials (as in the example below) or where the owner has the building blueprints, get me an electronic copy of the plans and I can turn your Photo Tour into an Interactive Photo & Floorplan Virtual Tour. I charge a small clean-up fee to do so — usually about $30 — as in my experience BYO Floorplans often need some tweaks to make them look good.

Of course I can measure and draw the Floor Plans for you from scratch, but if you BYO Floor plans, it will save you a bunch of money and you’ll get an enhanced Virtual Tour.

Research shows that 53% of people are more likely to spend time looking at a listing if a floor plan is provided – floor plans allow buyers to “see themselves” in a home for sale.

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Author: Andrew Hughes

South Bend Realty Photo delivers professional Real Estate Photography, Floorplans, Virtual Tours & online Showcases and Custom Flyers to Realtors and Homeowners in the greater South Bend, IN area. Great Photos Help you Get Homes SOLD!

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