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With News Corp’s recent purchase of, a new logo is not the only change that we are seeing. A new feature has been added, allowing listing agents to add an external web link specific to each listing — this is a perfect place to add your Branded Tour link to get more views to your Tours.

Add a Listing Specific Link to your Listing Page

Once you log into the Control Panel, navigate to a listing and you will find the “Listing URL” field at the bottom of the page — see graphic — and paste in your Branded Tour Address: add a listing url

Then, your Branded Tour link will appear on the listing page alongside¬†your “Listing Provider” details: provider-add-url

The NEW “Listing URL” field can also be used to direct potential buyers to a listing specific page on your website, or other media like a YouTube video or blog post specific to a listing.

Adding Tour links to pages isn’t new (learn how to syndicate your Tour links the other way), but this is another quick & easy way to drive more traffic to your Branded Tours — the best place for potential buyers to experience a home for sale online.’s Evolution under News Corp

With a new logo and new features, it will be interesting to see how News Corp leverage their vast website experience and specifically their Australian Real Estate portal experience into here is the USofA. My guess, is that pretty soon, you will be able to stream High-Res Video within the listing page, just as you can on¬†(view any of Scott Wagners’ listings to see an example of how this works).

What will this mean for Real Estate Marketing in the USA? Video will finally have a place to be seen in the mainstream of how Property Buyers search for homes to buy in the United States. That is to say… Video Marketing of Real Estate listings will become hugely important!




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