[Agent Marketing Tip] 10 ways you can utilize your Branded Virtual Tours today

For the majority of homes I photograph, I provide the Listing Agent with a Virtual Tour. The Tour comes in two versions: unbranded for the MLS (see example); and a branded version (see example). The branded tour features the Listing Agents’ photograph, company name & logo, phone, email, web address + a list of all of that Agents’ active tours.

How to utilize the unbranded tour version is straight-forward, insert the link in the MLS database for your listing and allow the link to be syndicated along with the MLS data & photos. But how do you utilize the branded tour to your greatest advantage as a Listing Agent? That is a genuine question, so please let me know how you use a branded tour via the comments.

Two Assumptions about the Tours I provide:

Assumption #1 | Every Tour I provide you should serve at-least two purposes:

Purpose #1, to allow you to promote your new listing to the market as professionally as possible.
Purpose #2, to promote yourself as a listing agent to your existing clients and potential clients, showing people what you can offer them if they choose you to list their home (their most valuable asset) for sale.

Assumption #2 | The Tours I provide you are the best way a potential buyer can experience a home for sale online:

In a future post I will explain why i hold this assumption in-light of the alternatives (MLS & Syndication sites).
But for now, holding this assumption means you want to drive potential buyers (and potential clients) to your branded Tours, and so the forthcoming list of ways to utilize your branded Virtual Tours will help you to do just that.

10 ways you can utilize your Branded Virtual Tours today:

1) email the branded tour link to your client (the home owner/seller) to show them how you are presenting their home to the market online. Chances are they will love it, and share the Tour with their friends, family, colleagues and neighbors via email and/or social media — and all of those shares result in more potential customers seeing the great job you have done bringing the home to market.

2) use the branded link on every real estate listing website you can — your brokers’ site, Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia etc.

  • Your local MLS should syndicate the unbranded link to Zillow (the leading consumer Real Estate portal) — however you can login to Zillow and replace the unbranded link with your branded tour link
  • View Instructions on how to get your branded link on Realtor.com

3) print the Tour URL prominently on the fliers you produce for your listings — “View the Virtual Tour at Tourbuzz.net/198620

For potential buyers who have had a showing can easily go back to the home online after their showing (serving purpose #1)
For curb-side flier boxes for neighbors and passers-by to easily find the Tour (serving purpose #2)

4) if you are active on social media, share your new listings’ branded tour link to your networks as updates on LinkedIn, Facebook posts, Tweets on Twitter, or Pin It on Pinterest.

View Instructions on how to make the most of LinkedIn with your Tours

5) add your new listings’ branded Tour URL to your email signature and you can potentially drive traffic to the Tour from everyone who receives an email from you, or an email of yours forwarded from someone else. Change the Tour URL regularly and add a particular description around it so that people who you regularly email will regularly click on the new links — for example:

Want to know what it is like to live in Covington Shores?
View my new Tour at http://Tourbuzz.com/130367

6) add the Branded Tour URL to your yard signs (this is tougher to do than the other suggestions, but it can be done, think creatively!) — again serving purpose #1 as well as #2 — especially if you want to grow your presence as an expert agent in a particular neighborhood or subdivision, as every neighbor will check-out the tour!

7) email the branded tour link directly to potential buyers who you know would be suited to your new listing as they were shown a similar listing previously etc (or email their buying agents [in this case, the unbranded link may be more appropriate?])

8) if you print “Just Listed” or “Just Sold” postcards and distribute them in the neighborhood where your listing is, prominently feature the branded tour address. Use the postcard as a teaser to drive people online to the Branded Tour where they can experience the home with all the photos, floor plans,map and neighborhood information (primarily serving purpose #2)

  • Note, if you are distributing a postcard, you may want to add the price of the home to the Tour headings or written description (View Instructions) Nosy neighbors always want to know the price!

9) use your favorite tours as portfolio pieces when you present your services to potential clients. Remember, your investment in professional photography, floor plans and tours goes beyond your listing of a single home, the investment is in how you can showcase your services to potential and previous clients.

  • Turn a SOLD Tour into a Success Story (Learn How)
  • Consider having multiple Portfolio Tours at different price points in the market etc

10) Add branded links to your favorite tours on your “Selling Your Home” page of your website to showcase what you have to offer


So how do you utilize your branded Virtual Tours?

There are many many ways to get your branded Tours out there to potential buyers & potential clients, it just often involves thinking outside the MLS box. Please share your ideas via the comments below.


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