[Tourbuzz 101] Add a Photo or Video Clip to a Tour

Sometimes a home owner will have a few images of their home that could be worth including in a Tour to bring the home to the market. With Tourbuzz, it is easy for you to add a Photo OR a Video Clip to an existing Tour.

Add a Photo OR Video Clip to your Tour

    1. Login to your Client Panel [find out how] and select the relevant Tour from amongst all of your Tours
    2. Click the “Edit Tour” icon
    3. Under the “Media” tab, click “Select Files” (see image below) and then navigate to the photos or video clips you want to include
    4. Once the files are uploaded, Tourbuzz needs to process the images, this may take a few minutes.
    5. Once processed, you need to drag-and-drop the new images to their desired place in the Tour (new media appears at the end by default) + change the Photo or Video Captions (new media captions will be the file names of the photo or video clips) — conveniently, all of this also happens on the “Media” tab
    6. Launch or re-fresh your Tour to see your Photos and/or Video Clips added to your Tour!

upload photo
If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or get in-touch.


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Author: Andrew Hughes

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