[Tourbuzz 101] Change Image Descriptions, Image Order, Remove an Image, Speed-Up or Slow-Down Tour

After you receive a new Tour, there are several changes you can make yourself. In a previous post I covered adding Tour Headings and a Written Description. This post will cover changing the image order, adding/changing photo names and descriptions, removing an image from the Tour and speeding-up or slowing-down how quickly the photos rotate through the Tour. Here are the easy steps:

  1. Login to your Client Panel [find out how] and select the relevant Tour from amongst all of your Tours
  2. Click the “Edit Tour” icon
  3. Select the “Media” tab [Now you have access to the image labels and controls, as shown in the image below]

Media Tab 

Change Image Names and Descriptions

Each image can be labelled with a name and description. The “name” field displays more prominently than the “description” field (see image below). Your Tour will be provided with an image “name” which represents that photo — for example: “Bedroom 3” or “Lower Level Bathroom” — but, you can change the name of the image by simply clicking on the appropriate image and then changing the text in the “name” field on the right-hand-side (see image above).

The “Description” field is where you can add the appropriate information for a specific image. For a photo named “Chef’s Kitchen” you might want to add the make of the high-end appliances — “Sub Zero Refrigerator” — in the description field.

You can also use the description field to guide potential buyers through the home. For example if a Living Room has a sliding door to the back deck, in the description field I would add “With access to the Back Deck”.

Change the Image Order

Your Tour will come ordered in a way to guide potential buyers through the home. However, if you want to change the order of the images, simply drag-and-drop the images to the desired order with your cursor.

Remove an Image

Typically I provide photos of the whole home, including an unfinished basement. If there is an image you don’t want shown in the Tour (like the unfinished basement), you have a couple of options. Click on the image in question in the Media tab, and find the “include in” controls on the right hand side (see image above). By default the image is included in the Tour and Gallery. If you don’t want the unfinished basement shown in the Tour, you can can remove it from the Tour and Gallery OR just remove it from the Tour but show it in the Gallery. The Gallery is less visible than the main Tour and is accessed by a link at the top of each Tour (see image below). The Gallery is for buyers who want to see all of the images on 1 page and scroll through them in that layout. Note, even if you remove an image from both the Tour and Gallery, the image will still be available for download, so be careful to exclude that image when you upload the images to the MLS etc.

This is where the Image "name" and "description" fields display on the Tour + where you access the Image Gallery.

This is where the Image “name” and “description” fields display on the Tour + where you access the Image Gallery.

Adjust the Speed of the Tour

By default your Tour will display images for 3 seconds before automatically showing the next image. However some clients prefer a speedier Tour of 2 seconds per image. You can adjust the speed of your Tour on the “Media” Tab using the “image display time” controls (see above image). Once you make a change, refresh the browser tab your Tour is displayed in to see how the adjusted time feels. If you prefer 2 seconds for every tour, let me know and I will change your customer preferences so all of your Tours are displayed at the faster rate. Tour speeds are also influenced by internet connection speeds and server traffic, so if your Tour seems slower at a particular time, it is usually an internet related issue.

How do I save my changes?

Your changes are saved automatically immediately after you make them — just check the at the top-right of the Client Panel that “Saved” is shown. If “saving…” is shown, the save is still in process. Once the system has auto-saved for you, refresh your Tour browser to see the change in effect.


If you have any questions, leave a comment or get in-touch.


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