[Tourbuzz Feature] Why you should deactivate old Tours (+ get them back if you need them)

The internet is full of Virtual Tours of houses that are no longer for sale — while the listing may drop-off the MLS when you mark it as sold, the Tour remains online forever…

Three reasons why you should deactivate your old Tourbuzz Tours

  1. to maintain the privacy of the new owners of the home you listed. Most new home owners don’t think about this, but the inside of their home (and the floor plan!) may be fully visible via the Tour that you created to sell that home. Not only is this a little creepy, but it is a huge security threat!
  2. deactivating old Tours will remove the clutter from your active Tours as viewed through the “view all my tours” link on each Tour + the webpage that contains a list of all your Tours [see example], allowing potential buyers to find your Active Tours.
  3. deactivating an old Tour will stop the monthly statistic emails being sent to your inbox

One reason NOT to deactivate some of your old tours…

You need to keep active your best listing Tours in various price brackets to showcase to potential clients as part of your portfolio. You can even enhance these “portfolio grade” tours by turning them into Success Stories.

Deactivating Old Tourbuzz Tours

  1. Login to your Client Panel [find out how] and select the relevant Tour from amongst all of your Tours
  2. Click the “Deactivate Tour” link on the top-righthand-side [see image below]


Re-activate a deactivated Tourbuzz Tour

When you deactivate a Tourbuzz Tour, the Tour is no longer available on the internet, but the photos and Tour itself are not deleted, they are kept on the Tourbuzz server, and can be reactivated without charge, at any time. So, if you have to list the home you sold again, you can resurrect your deactivated Tour to the internet. You however cannot reactivate a Tour yourself through your client panel, rather contact me to do this for you.

Deleting pfretour & planomatic tours

If you have active tours from the tour platforms I provided you prior to Tourbuzz (pfretour & planomatic), please contact me if you would like to delete these old tours for the sake of the new home owners privacy. Note, the previous tour platform tours can only be deleted forever, no resurrection is possible.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or get in-touch.


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Author: Andrew Hughes

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