[Tourbuzz Feature] Add Voiceover Narration to your Tour

Tourbuzz has recently made available a Voiceover Narration Feature as an add-on that you can use as another tool to help bring your listings to the market as professionally as possible. Adding Voiceover Narration provides an additional dimension to a Tour, allowing potential buyers to be drawn-into the Tour and absorb selling features of the home via a different media, voice narration. Tour Narration also allows you, the Listing Agent, to stand-out from amongst your competition.

Sample Virtual Tour with Voiceover Narration

Voiceover Narration Feature Explained…

Tourbuzz want to provide an affordable Voiceover Narration add-on service for their Tours, rather than an expensive custom-service where a professional voiceover actor would read a script for a single Tour. So, the narration is compiled using a database of 50,000+ pre-recorded audio clips that were read by professional voice actors — male and female voices are available. The clips are chosen and added were appropriate to a Tour based upon the photos, photo captions & written description. For example, in the example Tour above, the elevator photo is narrated with “using the elevator, you can go from floor-to-floor in style.” The Narration service provides audio clips for 10-15 of the images in a Tour.

As this is NOT a custom service, there are limitations — i.e., the narration may not read exactly the way you would have said it. If there are mistakes, I can get them fixed and if there is a specific audio clip that you just don’t like, I can delete that individual clip.


  • Voiceover Narration Tour Add-On $25
  • COMBO | Voiceover Tour Narration + branded YouTube Video Export when ordered together $28


Ordering Voiceover Narration for your Tour

  • As the quality of your Voiceover Narration depends upon your photo names & descriptions, as well as your Tour’s headings & written description, the first step is to add as much detail as possible about your listing to your Tour.
    LEARN MORE about:  adding photo names & descriptions  +  copy & pasting your written description & adding headings to your Tour.
  • Once your Tour is filled with the information you want to draw attention to the listings’ key selling features, email me to order the Voiceover Narration & let me know if you’d prefer a male or female voice. If there is a particular feature or two that you’d really liked emphasized, let me know.
  • The Voiceover Narration will be added to your Tour within 24 hours.


Voiceover Narration improves your YouTube Video’s!

Having the Voiceover Narration in a Tour also allows you to have Narration in the YouTube version of the Tour:

Let me know via the comments what you think of this Voiceover Narration feature?
Or if you have any questions, leave a comment or get in-touch.


T: 574-383-9388

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Author: Andrew Hughes

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  1. Voice over have really gone a long way, especially what Andrew did with it. The realty business is a huge market with lots of competitors lingering around. Using voice over with it does give a big advantage to those who utilizes it.

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