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YouTube is the worlds’ second largest search engine (behind Google) and having a branded Video of your Tour on YouTube is highly visible to Search Engines, allowing your Listing to be bumped-up the search results.

Sample TourBuzz Tour posted to YouTube | https://youtu.be/oSE1R2ebrDA

Posting to YouTube also offers you the following advantages:

  • its another tool in your Marketing Toolbox — it will impress your Clients and could help you win prospective clients
  • having your own YouTube content creates another social media channel for you to share information and gather followers
  • posting to YouTube can drive visitors to all of your Tours

YouTube Limitations…

However, in my opinion, having a Video of your Listing’s Tour on YouTube is also limited in its effectiveness as the primary way a potential buyer will find the Video in a search is by searching for the homes’ address. The question then becomes, how many potential buyers are searching for a specific address or street?

The effectiveness of your Video will improve if your listing has a location feature that is more likely to be searched, for example:

  • the listing is located in a sought-after sub-division:  “Shamrock Hills”  “Covington Shores”  “The Sanctuary”
  • the listing is located on a Lake, Beach or Golf Course:  “Diamond Lake”  “Knollwood Country Club & Golf Course”  “Eagle Lake”  “Grand Beach”
  • the listing is convenient to: “The University of Notre Dame”  “Mishawaka Shopping”  “Downtown South Bend, Memorial Hospital, Saint Mary’s College”

So, perhaps, experiment with posting to YouTube with some of your listings and see what results you get.

Posting your Tourbuzz Tour to YouTube is easy…

1. One-time YouTube setup

There is a one-time set-up to connect your YouTube Channel to your TourBuzz Account.

First, you need a Google Account and YouTube Channel — check-out YouTube’s Getting Started Guide for help…
Second, keep your YouTube/Google account open in one tab and login to your TourBuzz account in another tab.
then, navigate to the “YouTube Setup” page under the “My Account drop-down (see image below)

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.08.46 PM

2. Request a Video

Before you order your Video, make sure the Tour is exactly the way you want it:

  • arrange your photos in the sequence you want them
  • add your written description & MLS number as that information will populate the YouTube description. Make sure you include the searched after features in the written description – e.g.: Located on beautiful Diamond Lake  or  Walk to the University of Notre Dame
  • choose an appropriate music track for your Tour (or turn-of the music), as the music will also appear on your YouTube Video

When the Tour is ready, in your Tourbuzz account select the specific Tour you would like a Video for, then navigate to the “Video” icon and simply click the “Request a Video” button (see image below).

Request Video

What happens next… I receive notification to order the video for you. When the video is ready you will receive an email notification. If you completed the YouTube Setup (as described above), you will receive a YouTube link to find your Video automatically posted to your YouTube Channel. Additionally, you will be provided with a link to download the video so it can be uploaded to other websites (Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia etc).

As the Tour is on your YouTube Channel, you can edit the information there if need be. View the written description under this Tourbuzz YouTube example to see what information TourBuzz sends to YouTube for you, click the “Show More” divider under the first lines of text.


$6 for a Branded Video — billed to your monthly invoice.


What do you think about the value of posting a Tour to YouTube? Please add your thoughts below.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or get in-touch.


T: 574-383-9388

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